Stranded In The Southland

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Objectives Defined

So, I have a tentative date for my practical test, and I'm just trying to get my flying into shape. Saturday, I went up and did 3/10s of an hour of instrument (for some reason, the Cherokee 180 seems much tougher to fly on instruments than the Warrior), and went out to Riverside for some touch and goes. I continue to have troubles with the short-field landing, but seem to be getting better. Hopefully I'll eventually figure out that I have to pull back pretty hard on the yoke to get the plane to settle softly when it has 40 degrees of flaps out and I'm going slow as the itch!

I'm working on my flight planning for the practical and hoping to get everything just right in the next two weeks, although I want to make sure that I'm relaxed enough that I can deal with it if things are put off due to weather.