Stranded In The Southland

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Winston Peak, Winston Ridge

Well, Wednesday's hike was to Winston Peak, but the long way around. We hiked along an old dirt road that parallels CA-2, crossed CA-2, bushwacked up a steep gully, crossed CA-2 again, and then started in on the usual route to Winston Peak.

Then P. and I had to go ahead and complicate things, by signing out of the hike and continuing on to Winston Ridge. This turned out to be more of a slog than it looked at first glance, as we had to hike down to a saddle, back up to the top of the ridge, and then turn around and do it over again.

Still, it was great to pick up another two peaks. It was kind of unfortunate that this kept me up in the mountains 'til 4PM, since the drive back along I-210 was horrendous. It took me two hours to get back. What were these people thinking when they laid out the freeways!?

To top it off, my car seemed to be overheating when I turned on the A/C. This worried me, as it looks like it'll be a long, hot summer. Fortunately, after I found and removed a foam cup that had blown up into the place that air would get around the A/C radiator (condensor?) and into the regular radiator, things seemed a little better. Let's hope that's it!