Stranded In The Southland

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good News, and Bad News...

Well, the good news is that the wireless networking at work really does work everywhere. Even in the elevator. Even between the second and third floors.

The bad news, of course, is that I had a half an hour to verify this while waiting for the elevator repair person to let me out.

Y'know, it had always seemed to me that being stuck in an elevator was something that only happened on bad sitcoms or something. Not to real people, in real elevators.

It was no problem, though -- after trying all the buttons one last time, I just pressed the call button, and talked to the nice woman on the other end. She called building security, and dispatched somebody to fix it. Building security stuck with me the whole time, making sure I was okay, and offering to contact anybody who needed to be contacted (my sweetie's out of town this week, no sweat).

I spent the whole half hour sitting on the floor of the elevator, working on my laptop; my cell phone had reception, even, so I coulda been chatting with my pals. It hardly felt like an inconvenience.

The repair guy climbed on top of the elevator and somehow opened the inner doors. I could then open the outer doors, and observe that, yes, I was stuck between floors. I just kinda hopped down a few feet, and I was home free. I almost wish I had a more exciting story!