Stranded In The Southland

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Walkin' in LA

I've been working since October, and the daily 100 mile round trip is really beginning to get to me. From the beginning, I've insisted that I wasn't going to take on a hellish commute while my SO, M., walks three blocks to her office.

For better or worse, though, we have a nice two-bedroom apartment with subsidized rent. I hate to forgo that great deal. The solution -- get a second place in LA, and spend half our time in LA and half our time out in the 'burbs.

We made an incredibly quick search (four hours), and found a one-bedroom place next to the subway (yes, Virginia, LA has a subway), with parking. It is about 35 minutes from work, where our suburban place is 50 minutes on a good day, and two or more hours on a bad day.

So far, I've got mixed feelings. We've eaten at some great places in LA while staying in there, but we haven't stayed as often as I'd like. M. has responsibilities at work that sometimes require her to be out in the 'burbs on Friday.

The trip from the new place to work isn't *that* quick compared to the trip from the 'burbs, but at least I can get in for my early meetings on Thursdays without wondering if I'll make it on time -- I can get to work in under an hour, even on surface streets.

Plus, we're still sorting out furniture issues, trying to buy a bed for the place in the country, and taking the futon in to the city. And we need to buy a new table. Hmmmm. I should blog later about how our tastes have evolved, and Ikea is a little crappy, but $2,000 tables are kinda right out. Argh.