Stranded In The Southland

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Five Peaks! Pine Mountain, Dawson Peak, Wright Mountain, Pinyon Ridge, and Gobblers Knob

Yow! What a great day! I had to be up uncharacteristicly early (6AM), but it was worth it!

I often skip out on club hikes because they start so early, but I really wanted to pick off some of the peaks north of Mt. Baldy, so I went ahead and dealt with the early start. This was especially important, because these peaks are at the end of rough dirt roads, which are usually more than my Miata can handle.

Pine and Dawson only take five miles round trip, but those are some mighty vertical miles. I felt like I was either slogging up a way-steep slope or trying to descend another way-steep slope the whole time. It was such a gorgeous view from the top, though, that it was worth it.

Wright was a quick and easy half mile, but I was delighted to pick off another peak. Pinyon was a drive up, but it was quite a drive. Gobblers Knob, which I'd pick off last year in the snow, was another long-ass, 4-wheel-drive-only trek, with a short climb to the top.

It was amazing to actually pick off so many peaks in a day! I gotta lead some hikes like that!