Stranded In The Southland

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Netflix and a New Low

So, I figured that since I was hanging out with some spare time on my hands [actually, I find that I have very little spare time, but there it is], I figured I might as well subscribe to Netflix and watch some movies. There are a bazillion great movies out there that I've never seen, and this will be my opportunity to check 'em out!

So, naturally, for my first film, I had to request something really good, right. Err, sadly, I got The Day After Tomorrow. I mean, talk about anchoring the low-brow end of the taste spectrum. This cheezy sci-fi disaster flick features some of the lamest science I've ever seen. That would be bad enough, but it also has some dumb-ass plot elements thrown in. Alas, this flick wasn't quite bad enough to be good.

Come on, wolves roaming New York City? Temperatures plunging instantly to 150 degrees below zero? Those temperatures instantly permiating insulated military helicopters, buildings, and just generally everything? A ship sailing through the flooded New York City? Where do they get this stuff?

Of course, the other two flicks I got on this first shipment were THX1138, Lucases' first feature, and A Clockwork Orange, so it could be worse.