Stranded In The Southland

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Also Some Tramping Through Museums

Before we even went to the bullfight, we spent a few hours tramping through the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, which was chock full o' modern stuff, from the turn of the century through last year (and maybe this year).

It was pretty cool; I know next to nothing about art, in any form, but M.'s sainted father was a professor of art. It was good to have M. around. I really grooved on the Pablo Gargallo sculpture Prophete. Yow, very cool, very sparse.

Anyway, there was plenty of cool stuff to see, and for someone who knows as little as I do, it was almost all a revelation.

We hustled away from the museum to catch the bullfight, then had a late dinner. Well, we used to think that dining at 9PM in San Francisco was late dining. Here in Madrid, catching a bite at 10PM is still just a bit early. Wild. Anyway, we had some decent (if not overwhelming) tapas, and turned in.

This morning, we did laundry (at an Internet-equipped Laundromat, where they wouldn't let me hook up my laptop, or even plug it into the power outlet!) and I headed out to the Naval Museum.

The museum was great -- it was full of large-scale models of various Spanish vessels, including a submarine from the 1880s(!) that I'd never heard of, and a really cool Terror-class torpedo boat from 1895 or so that looked like a bad-ass boat. I really gotta read more about this stuff!

Anyway, we're off to Toledo, so it may be awhile before I post again...