Stranded In The Southland

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bachelor Lifestyle, Part II

The bachelor lifestyle actually hasn't been so bad, as our friends are definitely thinking of me, cooking me meals (borscht and potatoes, split pea soup, etc.) , inviting me to parties, and taking me out for dinner. I sure appreciate it (especially the leftovers).

I've also been fending for myself a bit more that usual. I typically go to the grocery store to pick up more frozen food, beer, yogurt (for breakfast), and juice. I think to myself, "Yeesh, bachelor shopping," but then comfort myself that my SO is taking care of buying the healthy crap, and I just have to get the junk food (which she certainly shares).

With her out of town, though, my excuse is gone, and I find myself kind of defensively shoving healthy crap into my basket, and even doing a bit of cooking. I made my buddy's award winning guacamole, some salads, pan-roasted potatoes, and a bunch of migas (Tex-Mex or [maybe Mex] omeletes with tortilla strips). Who knows what I'll be making by the time M. gets back next month?