Stranded In The Southland

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Weekend of Geeking

Last week, I ran a booth for my favorite BSD at the local Linux expo. You would think that there'd be inter-OS rivalry, but the organizers were more interested in getting another open source OS out there than picking nits. They invited us, and they gave us a free booth. You can't beat that.

And the attendies were polite and interested and pleasant. Some folks knew BSD, and asked probing questions, while some folks just wanted to know what the heck BSD was.

Organizing the booth was a challenge, but I'd done it the year before as well, so at least it wasn't all new. Plus, someone was kind enough to ship me a bunch of gear from our booth at the previous year's LinuxWorld.

If I organize this thing again next year, I'll do a bit more to nail down some helpers. I had let it go to the last minute, and my fellow developer wasn't able to make it on Saturday at the last minute.

Doing a full day on my own was a bit stressful -- between handling money and talking to folks about BSD and all the rest, I was pretty frazzled by the end. Sunday, when I had two extra people working the booth, was much more reasonable and fun. That's definitely the way to do this kind of thing.