Stranded In The Southland

Monday, November 13, 2006

The "I Slept In" Hiking Club

Sadly, I've been keeping busy enough that I haven't really managed to organize any logicistically complex hikes. A month ago I did the Baldy Ski Hut, three weeks ago I did Icehouse Canyon, and yesterday I went up to the Ski Hut again.

With a little more time, I might've actually gone to the top of Baldy, but it seems like I'm always starting at about noon, and trying to make it back in time to go to dinner with another couple. It's important to me to get out and see our friends, and it is important for me to laze around the house in the morning reading my paper, so this puts me in a bit of a bind.

I guess I'll just have to pick a peak and get up early and hit it, but I just hate the crack-of-dawn business. Oh, well.

The heart-rate monitor is working great. I just hate the fact that it isn't getting more use!