Stranded In The Southland

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lousy Weather and a Lousy Plane

Well, the weather was lousy today. While the sky was blue, there was a fierce haze, limiting visibility to just barely the three miles I need to fly. To my delight, I just squeaked under the limit!

Unfortunately, after pre-flighting the plane, and taxiing over to fill it up with gas, we discovered that the intercom system (and radio) wasn't working on the instructor's side of the plane. Bummer. Another flight canceled.

My instructor opined that this was an old plane and maybe they should get rid of it, but I really prefer the low-winged Pipers to the other planes -- all Cessnas, and all more expensive, to boot. Hopefully they'll have it back up and running next week. So far, I've had six lessons scheduled and only been up twice -- two were called on account of weather, and two due to airplane issues. Doh.