Stranded In The Southland

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Middle Hawkins

Last Wednesday, I figured I'd get up early and go out with the localhikes crowd again. I'd missed 'em for almost a month, as it seemed like sleeping in always sounded better than battling more than an hour of traffic for a hike.

This time, I finally got out of bed on time and made it out there in record time. To my surprise, many folks came over to say hi and ask where I'd been! I went ahead and drove my Miata the almost 60 miles to the trailhead at Islip Saddle, since I figured I'd pick off Mount Akawi and maybe Kratka Ridge after I was done.

It proved to be a fairly strenuous hike; by the time we'd made it up to Middle Hawkins, it was nearly 1PM. On my recent backpack to Cirque Peak, I'd seen the leader using squeeze peanut butter -- what an innovation! I tried it for lunch on top of Middle Hawkins, and I have to admit it didn't do that much for me, even with honey.

In any case, we didn't get down 'til 3PM or so, and since I needed to prep for another backpack in the Sierras, I headed out and skipped Kratka and Akawi. Oh, well, that's 49 now!