Stranded In The Southland

Monday, March 03, 2008

Okay, So It Probably Wasn't M.'s Fault

Whenever we head up to the Bay Area for a visit, M. takes care of the vast majority of the scheduling. I often find myself running from pillar to post, trying to fit in a little time with my pals. So, when I headed up this time by myself, I figured it'd be totally different.

Alas, as usual, I totally failed to plan, and wound up making a bunch of phone calls from the car on the way up, desperately trying to arrange things. In a couple of cases, I wound up rescheduling just an hour or so before meeting folks. Errr, so it's probably not just M.'s fault.

I'd originally planned to be up there for four days, Friday through Monday, but as the schedule looked crazier and crazier I wussed out and decided to head back Sunday, rather than take the chance on finding myself alone on Sunday evening and Monday morning. This was a kind of crappy, as it meant I had less time with everybody, and missed out on a couple of the folks I really wanted to see (DB and JEP), and meant that I was late for everything, inconveniencing at least one good friend.

After all that, I feel like kind of a shit for having a great time. It's exciting to be running from appointment to appointment, seeing one fun friend after another, frantically trying to squeeze in some time with everybody.

Hopefully I didn't piss off anybody seriously -- I usually try so hard to be on time and make sure I don't inconvenience folks (I figure I'm tactless enough and thoughtless enough often enough without meaning to be that I better make a real effort to be pleasant the rest of the time); I'll definitely do some more planning next time, and maybe get some more time with each of my friends. While I'm sure that there are some folks who were just as happy to see me for a couple hours and that's it, there were definitely some folks I could spend an entire fun weekend with.