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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sleater-Kinney Road

Let me start out by saying that my all-time favorite band is Sleater-Kinney. It's a riot grrl band founded in the mid-90s, and named after the street in Olympia on which the members had a practice space. I knew that there was an interstate exit for the road, so I was determined to get a picture with the sign.

I had this idea that Olympia was a sleepy little college town, and that I could just step out onto a wide grass swale by the side of the interstate, get a quick shot, and haul ass before anybody was the wiser. Oh, well.

It turned out that the I-5 was eight lanes wide through Olympia, and Sleater-Kinney Road had two exits for east and west, and signs that were suspended 20 feet over busy roads. That quick shot just wasn't going to happen.

M. patiently drove a few blocks down and took a few shots of me with a street sign over my shoulder, as I giggled and tried not to look like the fan-boy I am. Fortunately, M. is pretty good photographer (I can't frame a picture to save my life), and they turned out okay, despite her constant ribbing of me while we were taking them.

Unfortunately, this stop just made us a little later for Seattle, and the 20 minutes that we spent waiting in rush-hour traffic to get back onto the I-5 didn't help. We pretty much had to circle around to a whole different exit, because the exit we used didn't let you re-enter. Argh.

I'm still delighted to have the photos, though!


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