Stranded In The Southland

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yreka To Castle Rock Via Hipsterville

It was kind of a bummer to wake up in California on day three of our Pacific Northwest road trip. We had plans to see friends in Seattle the next evening (day four), and we obviously had to make some good time. So, naturally, we dawdled in Yreka, trying to figure out what to do and work around more lousy Internet connectivity.

We finally just got on the I-5 and hauled ass. We had a quick lunch at the Canyonville Cyber Cafe (Cyber 'cause they had free wireless, not that this mattered, since it was about the only place in town). We grabbed some not-so-fabulous locally-made jerky and hit the road.

Our plan was to skip Portland altogether -- we were going to be back later to spend the weekend with my parents, in town for a conference. M.'s tight buddy G., however, wasn't going to be around later, so we made some last-minute plans to meet her at Biwa, a hipster izakaya with some Korean fusion action. The food was great (fried kimchee cakes!), but G. was tied up, and only met us later at the Doug Fir, a fairly interesting retro lounge around the corner.

Suitably fortified, we hauled ass once more up I-5 to Castle Rock and settled into an okay indy motel with (you guessed it!) lousy wireless. They had live Ethernet in the room, though, so I was able to set up a wireless bridge on my laptop for poor M., whose didn't bring the Ethernet dongle for her Air.


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