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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Those Scalp Wounds Sure Do Bleed...

I keep reading about my nephew and my friends boys (always the boys!) banging the crap out of their heads. I just shudder, remembering my various trips to the emergency room as a kid. I still have an inch-long scar on my forehead from tripping while running up the bleachers in the third grade. Doh.

So I was particularly pleased to prong myself on a towel hanger in the bathroom the other day, bending down quickly to look under the cabinet for my heart rate monitor. I just wasn't thinking, and caught the very top of my forehead on the hook, putting a little dent into my head and tearing the skin in an L-shaped wound.

I hit it hard enough to cause a couple splurts of blood to be thrown down my forehead, but not hard enough to cause a concussion or anything. It bled for awhile, as scalp wounds do, and then seemed okay. I mean, there weren't great gouts of blood on the floor the way there would've been if I'd really nailed it. M. insisted that I didn't need stitches, and she seems to be pretty much right, as it stopped bleeding and seems to be healing up.

But -- just -- doh! I thought I was over all that.


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